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    Rapid Growth of Trains for Sea-rail Transport via New Western Land-sea Corridor

    ?Published:2022-05-30 ?【字體:??

                   Since the beginning of this year, the construction of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor has maintained robust momentum for achieving more and more development milestones. In the first four months of this year, the New Western Land-sea Corridor sea-rail intermodal trains have delivered 233,000 TEUs of goods, up 44.5% year on year.
                As the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) comes into force officially this year, the New Western Land-sea Corridor has grown into the fastest and most convenient channel connecting China and ASEAN countries. CHINA RAILWAY has accelerated the infrastructure construction, and successfully completed the electrification transformation of Qinzhougangdong Railway Station, a critical transport node on the New Western Land-sea Corridor on January 9 this year, shortening the overall train operation time by 58%. Based on the location advantages of Beibu Gulf Port and the shipping route resources, CR launched a series of sea-rail intermodal transport routes, such as United Arab Emirates-Qinzhou-Lanzhou and RCEP-Beibu Gulf Port-Henan. Customized logistics services are available to fulfil diversified transport needs, including the freight transport in feature categories such as imported automobiles from the Middle East. Furthermore, the full integration of the transport, logistics, trade and industry fields along the routes is speeding up as the Corridor are stimulating the development of the surrounding areas and consolidating the prosperity of the Beibu Gulf Area in Guangxi, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, Hainan Free Trade Port and other regions.
                The current services of the trains for sea-rail transport via New Western Land-sea Corridor cover more than 600 categories of goods, sourced from 102 stations in 16 provincial-level regions of the country, and delivered to 316 ports in 107 countries and regions, forming a complete circle line passing through western China, as a part of the Belt and Road.
                Lately, the first train of sea-rail transport benefited from the pilot tax rebate policy for land departure ports arrived at Qinzhou Port along the Beibu Gulf, Guangxi, marking that Beibu Gulf Port in Guangxi the first coastal port in China enjoying the pilot tax rebate policy for land departure ports. To ensure the safe and smooth transport of trains, the railway authority has taken strict measures for fixed-point loading and unloading, disinfection, COVID testing, and promoted the contactless handover mode of goods such as hoisting.
                Going forward, the railway authority will continue to leverage on the dividends of RCEP and relevant national policies, and accelerate the building of infrastructure and intelligent facilities along the New Western Land-sea Corridor. It is important to improve the operation quality of trains assigned for sea-rail intermodal transport, and upgrade the international through transport services, so as to have railway impetus boosting the new development paradigm.
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