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    CHINA RAILWAY Advances Special Campaign to Address Safety Problems in a Solid and Orderly Manner

    ?Published:2022-05-24 ?【字體:??

                Recently, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. rolls out a blanket inspection on work safety via a special campaign to address safety problems, theming keeping bottom line, remedying defects, eliminating hidden dangers and preventing risks. Clear division of responsibilities and implementation by classification are underlined to firmly safeguard political red line and bottom line, making all-out efforts to ensure safety and stability of railway operation.
           CHINA RAILWAY required all departments and subordinate enterprises to orderly carry out the safety campaign which includes 9 special projects and 28 tasks. Currently, among the 17 tasks that have been started, 2 have been completed and 6 are under construction. The remaining 9 are undergoing investigation, review, approval, bidding and other pre-construction procedures.
          All CR departments give full play to the role of management, guidance, and supervision in their specialized fields. For instance, Transport Planning Supervision Bureau has urged strict compliance with relevant regulations to rectify the non-standard practices in construction projects for the disease treatment of equipment and facilities on existing railway lines, regarding to feasibility study, disease treatment plan, technical review, budgeting, fund raising and so forth. Freight Transport Department focused on the special rectification in the dangerous freight transport, strictly controlling review and approval on proposed new facilities to be connected with special railways for dangerous freight transport, urging to strengthen review and check at sources, checking the safety conditions of the stations handling dangerous freight aperiodically, and immediately closing down the stations identified failed to meet the safety requirements or without transport demand. Focusing on emergency handling and risk prevention and control of trains in stock, Dispatching Center organized all the dispatching offices in the national railway system to carry out screening to clear risks and hidden dangers for parked trains in stock at intermediate stations, and strengthened learning and training of dispatchers on the stabling conditions and regulations of passenger train sets at intermediate stations and the parking restrictions of trains in stock.
          All CR regional groups have orderly implemented the special campaign for safety improvement. CR Taiyuan has strengthened the rainshed renovation at Taiyuan Railway Station and strengthened the risk assessment and construction organization by means of quality control at sources, personal safety guarantee for construction workers and passengers, and construction progress guarantee. CR Nanchang has set up a special task force to thoroughly and timely reveal and eliminate hidden dangers of sound barriers along high speed railway lines. CR Chengdu has incorporated the disease treatment of tunnels on Guiyang-Guangzhou HSR into a conceptual design, to integrate quality improvement, speed-up as well as the scope and details of disease treatment assignments into a comprehensive study, optimized the construction organization of disease treatment, and made a scientific control over the construction quantities.
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