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    Railway Transport Capacity Up to Resumption of Work and Production in Yangtze River Delta Region

    ?Published:2022-05-24 ?【字體:??

                The latest COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai was effectively contained with the joint efforts of all parties concerned. Shanghai has taken solid steps for phased recovery to normal production and life since May 16. Based on the current situation, the CR regional administration authorities of the Yangtze River Delta region, shouldering the political and social responsibilities as a state-owned railway enterprise, facilitated safe and orderly travel of passengers and fully supported the resumption of work and production railway with transport capacity in the Yangtze River Delta region increased by proper organizing transport operation under strict epidemic prevention and control and optimizing the train operation plan.
             Since the pandemic outbreak in Shanghai in March, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has resolutely implemented the epidemic prevention and control decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the local governments to consciously serve the overall COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control of the country. It strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures and significantly reduced the number of trains in operation. In response to the gradual recovery from the pandemic currently in Shanghai, and according to the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies and the changes in passenger flow in various regions, CR Shanghai has strengthened the prediction and analysis of passenger flow based on big data, formulated train operation plans to adapt to the local phased recovery plan, and scientifically applied the "one day one diagram" approach for dynamic and flexible allocation of transport capacity. Focusing on the hot routes and destinations with strong passenger transport demand, CR Shanghai has taken multiple measures to increase transport capacity, such as resuming normal operation or operation of additional trains, coupled EMUs, conventional speed trains coupled with additional coaches, in an effort to accurately meet the necessary travel demand of passengers. It also established a quick response mechanism and kept a certain stock of hot standby EMUs, making sufficient preparations for putting more trains into operation at any time.
             It is reported that since May 18, CR Shanghai has planned to resume the operation of three passenger trains from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Ningbo Railway Station, Fuyangxi Railway Station and Shijiazhuang Railway Station, and five passenger trains from Shanghai Railway Station to Nanjing Railway Station, Hefeinan Railway Station, Hangzhoudong Railway Station and Yancheng Railway Station, in addition to the 12 trains currently in operation in Shanghai.
           The railway authority of the Yangtze River Delta region will continuously pay close attention to the epidemic situation and the change in passenger flow, and make every effort to prepare for the resumption of train operation, while strictly implementing various epidemic prevention and control measures, getting ready for immediately resuming or putting more passenger trains into operation according to the epidemic prevention and control policy. The railway authority reminds passengers to comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of local governments, take proper personal protection during trips, and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures, to jointly create a healthy and safe travel environment.
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