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    Banzhulin Tunnel Cut Through in the Sichuan-Yunnan Section of Xuyong-Bijie Railway

    ?Published:2022-05-30 ?【字體:??

           On May 20, the Banzhulin Tunnel in the Sichuan-Yunnan Section of Xuyong-Bijie Railway was successfully holed through on schedule, marking a breakthrough in the construction of this railway line.
          The Sichuan-Yunnan Section of Xuyong-Bijie Railway is an important component of Longchang-Huangtong Railway and a key project along the New Western Land-sea Corridor. Running for a total of 151.84 kilometers in the main line and designed at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, this railway is built according to the standards of a national I-class electrified railway for mixed passenger and freight transportation.

      It is known that this project route passes through Xuyong county in Luzhou city and Xingwen county in Yibin city within Sichuan and Weixin county and Zhenxiong county in Zhaotong city within Yunnan. Upon completion and putting into operation, this railway will effectively improve the traffic conditions and investment environment along the line, to facilitate the high-quality economic and social development in southern Sichuan, northeastern Yunnan and northwestern Guizhou. As a veritable rural revitalization project, it plays an important part in consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and promoting rural revitalization and development.


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