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    Guiyang Ring Railway Opens to Traffic

    ?Published:2022-04-06 ?【字體:??

            At 7:30 am on March 30, a C5802 train whistled in and slowly departed from Guiyangbei Railway Station, marking the opening of the connecting line linking Xiaobi station (a new railway junction terminal of Guiyang) and the Baiyunbei station via Qingzhendong station and the entire Guiyang Ring Railway route. 
         "Before opening-to-traffic of Guiyang Ring Railway, we carried out integrated commissioning & test, inspections, acceptance procedures, along with the safety evaluation of equipment as per the described regulations and standards. More so, we also optimized and adjusted the track geometry, the pantograph-catenary performance, train control, communication and signaling systems before opening the railway to traffic”, announced by the Construction Department of China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. 

        With a length of 113 kilometers, Guiyang Ring Railway is a double-track electrified railway of the CR network. It has 17 stations including Guiyangbei, Guiyang, Shuanglongnan, Mengguan, Huaxinan, Huaxi University Town, Dangwu, Tianhetan, Huchaodong, Luguan, Gui'an, Huaxixi, Jinhua Town, Jinyangnan, Jinyang, Baiyunxi, and Baiyunbei. With Guiyangbei station, Guiyang station, and Baiyunbei station built on the existing stations, the rest are all new stations. This railway links 7 trunk lines including Chongqing-Guiyang Railway, Shanghai-Kunming HSR, Guiyang-Guangzhou HSR, and Chengdu-Guiyang HSR, forming a hub composed of one ring line and seven radial lines, centered at Guiyang and covering important areas such as Zunyi, Tongzi, Bijie, Panzhou, Xingyi, Duyun, Libo, Tongren, Kaili, and Kaiyang, to provide convenience for local people to get to their destination and promote the coordinated development in these areas. 

         "Before the opening of Guiyang Ring Railway, we organized our crew to strengthen their service etiquette, foreign language skills, sign language, as well as knowledge in first aid, including a focus on local tourist attractions, characteristics snacks, and traffic transfers, so that our crews are better able in serving passengers and become respected tourism-promoting ambassador", said Zhou Min, a conductor on-duty for the first train. 

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