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    This Year’s First Special Train Launched to Relocate Zhouqu Residents from Geologic Hazard Area

    ?Published:2022-05-09 ?【字體:??

               At 10:43am on April 25, 500 residents from Zhouqu County, Gansu province boarded the K6685 train of CR Lanzhou from Hadapu Railway Station, heading for Lanzhou New Area, 400 kilometers away, to set out on a new life. This is the first train of its kind in Gansu dedicated for removal of Zhouqu residents from geologic hazard area this year.

               According to information, the relocated residents from 22 villages in 6 townships of Zhouqu County resettled in Lanzhou New Area orderly via bus transport - special train transport  shuttle bus service mode, and all of their household belongings were also moved and resettled at the same time.

         In order to ensure the departure of this special train as scheduled, the Passenger Transport Department, Longxi Station Depot and Lanzhou Station of CR Lanzhou took the initiative in contacting relevant local authorities to know these relocated residents’ travel needs and to customize pre-arranged plans to support transport organization. In accordance with the principle of preferential treatment at station entrances, security inspection points and boarding platforms, Hadapu Railway Station of Longxi Station Depot provided a one-stop service for these relocated residents, and implemented strict anti-epidemic measures such as ventilation and disinfection at waiting halls, toilets and other major areas ahead of passenger arrival, a careful check for health codes, mobile travel codes, 48-hour negative nucleic acid testing results and body temperature. Voluntary services with specially-designated personnel have been arranged at key areas such as the entrance points of the station, the security inspection points and ticket gates, to guide these relocated residents to move into the station and board their train in an orderly manner.

          Lanzhouxinqu Railway Station together with the local traffic authority also made efficient preparations in setting up specific bus parking areas and arranging shuttle buses for these residents. At the same time, the station passenger transport staff made considerate plans for the relocated public hopping off the train to make sure that their last mile journey to their new homeland is safe and swift.

          It is estimated that there are still more than 14,000 Zhouqu residents waiting for moving to Lanzhou New Area by rail.

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