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    CR Urumqi’s Freight Volume Surpasses 50 Million Tons in Q1

    ?Published:2022-04-20 ?【字體:??

              In the first quarter of this year, CR Urumqi has made every effort to increase transport volume and revenue by deeply tapping the transport potential and improving the transport efficiency. As a result, the freight volume reached 50.245 million tons, achieving a year-on-year increase of 11.1% and the single-day cargo loading record refreshed 67 times.
           Sticking to the principle of making up passenger transport deficiency with freight transport, CR Urumqi has further improved the operation capacity of transport services, continuously deepened the supply-side structural reforms, given full play to the functional roles of transporting four major categories (coal, steel, chemical products, agricultural and sideline products) while keeping an eye on the key objectives for the current stage. It focused on the fulfillment of the transport agreements concluded with 33 strategic customers, contributing to freight volume and promoting positive interplay between domestic circulation and international circulation.
          CR Urumqi cooperated with 76 targeted enterprises based on an in-depth analysis of the freight market, made prompt coordination to solve any problems in transportation, took measures to reduce the logistics cost for the enterprises, and followed the principle of mutual promotion in terms of transport volume and capacity, aimed to ensure the rapid transport of coal, metal ore, chemical products, and other goods. It vigorously strengthened the transportation of key goods, exerted accurate dispatching, optimized transport organization and strengthened traffic flow adjustment and empty train allocation. With the updated train working diagram, it balanced the transport capacity among areas, and make constant efforts to improve the transport efficiency. It took active measures to promote loading via unloading activities, providing all-round high-quality services for consignees and ensuring sufficient loading and express transport.
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