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    Wi-Fi Network Construction and Operation for EMU

    ?Published:2019-04-09 ?【字體:??

      With the rapid development of the network-based HSR operation and the Internet mobile client services in China, people’s demand for accessing the HSR network + the Internet (dual-network integration) is rising day by day. On the basis of in-depth researches and demonstrations, China Railway designed the overall Wi-Fi network construction and operation for high speed EMUs into the shareholding corporate system. In May 2018, China Railway Investment Co., Ltd. co-established China Railway Gecent Technology Co., Ltd. (CRGT) with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Co., Ltd. through stock transfer to implement Wi-Fi network construction and operation for EMUs. 

      The Wi-Fi system on EMUs is composed of four parts, namely train-ground communication, on-board LAN, on-board operation platform and ground operation and maintenance center. New EMUs would be installed with Wi-Fi devices synchronously with the manufacturing of new trains. Existing EMUs would be mounted with Wi-Fi devices in line with high level maintenance, namely Level IV and Level V maintenance. As of the end of November 2018, Wi-Fi service had been available on all operating “Fuxing” EMUs, covering Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Guangdong, Shanghai-Kunming and other major HSR lines, running through 23 provincial capitals, municipalities directly under the central government and capitals of autonomous regions. It’s expected to make Wi-Fi service available on 460 EMUs in operation by the end of 2018.

      CRGT has officially launched its self-developed EMU Wi-Fi mobile application, Palm HSR APP. Through this APP, users can access Wi-Fi, receive itinerary reminders and other services about recreation and entertainment, news, featured e-commerce and connecting travel, etc. Going forward, according to the nature of an Internet technology company and the positioning of an intelligent HSR service provider and based on the core scenarios of HSR stations and trains, CRGT will take “Internet-based services and smart travel” as the mission to provide users with all-directional and multi-scene travel service solutions, further improve HSR operation quality and keep satisfying passengers’ needs for a better travel life through “dual-network integration” and “space-time operation”.


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