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    Railway Highlights Featured in 2020 CIFTIS

    ?Published:2022-04-08 ?【字體:??

             The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was held in Beijing from September 4 to September 9. It was an important international economic and trade in-person event held in China since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. On the recommendation of Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, a “Beijing Pairing-assistance and Poverty Alleviation Exhibition Area” of more than 200 square meters was set aside in the CIFTIS to promote the poverty alleviation of railway tourism depicted by the “Jinghe” train. A HSR driver’s cab simulator and a “Jinghe” train model were set up by China Railway Travel Service Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Museum inside the exhibition area.




             The above picture shows off a visitor trialing the HSR driver’s cab simulator in the “Beijing Pairing-assistance and Poverty Alleviation Exhibition Area” of the CIFTIS event. Photo by Sun Lijun, Journalist of the People’s Railway Daily



           During the CIFTIS event, the HSR driver’s cab simulator, with a complete technological exposure and a life-size scale model, attracted a lot of visitors at the scene. Users came to press buttons and push the handle forward to simulate driver’s operation for the train departure. The scenery in the user’s field of vision then pulls back rapidly, triggering a realistic visual effect.

           With the vigorous support of CR-Beijing and Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, China Railway Travel Service Group Co., Ltd. has leveraged the advantages of railways and launched a series of tourist-dedicated trains for poverty alleviation, such as the “Jinghe”, “Jingmeng”, “Qijing Luanchuan”, “Arxan” and “Danjiangkou”, creating a new outlook for quality integral development of “Railway + Tourism + Poverty Alleviation”.

           By virtue of railway resources and the capital for aiding Xinjiang, the "Jinghe" has attracted many tourists to Hotan. This tourist-dedicated train for poverty alleviation, also known as the "Bridge for Xinjiang tourism and exchanges", has deepened the rapport between peoples of Beijing and Hotan. The "Jinghe" has become the brand of the CR-Beijing for aiding Xinjiang and the model of tourism industry for aiding Xinjiang.

        In the past five years, China Railway Travel Service Group Co., Ltd. has successfully operated 16 "Jinghe" tourist-dedicated trains for poverty alleviation, with the ridership of more than 8,000 in total, contributing to the economic and social development of Hotan region in Xinjiang, particularly for the tourism industry. With its prominent performance in poverty alleviation, the "Jinghe" tourist-dedicated train for poverty alleviation has successfully been shortlisted in the WTA Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism 2018.


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