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    First China-Laos Railway International Freight Train Sets off in Hubei


      At 10 oclock on May 17, the first China-Laos Railway international freight train departed from Shekou Logistics Base in Wuhan. The 30-car train loaded with 1,650 tons of fertilizer raw materials will head for Luang Prabang Station in Laos after customs declaration at Wujiashan railway container center station.

      Following the stations of Vientiane South, Na Teuy and Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang Station is the fourth station open for freight services in the Lao section of China-Laos Railway. The successful operation of this China-Laos Railway international freight train in Hubei further opened up the trade channel between Hubei and major cities of Southeast Asian countries.

      It is reported that transport of goods from Wuhan to Luang Prabang by this China-Laos Railway international freight train saved more than half of the transportation time compared with the traditional sea transport mode, and effectively reduced the transport cost for enterprises. We will further exploit the advantages of Shekou Logistics Bases location near Yangluo Port and Wuhanbei Marshalling Station, take the initiative to expand the source of goods, endeavoring to normalize operation of the China-Laos Railway international freight trains, and build Shekou Logistics Base into a cargo distributing center for international freight trains, said the relevant person in charge of Wuhan Wutie Logistics Co., Ltd.

      In recent years, in addition to stabilizing transport of coal, ore, fertilizer and other bulk goods, CR Wuhan has expanded its multimodal transport services with extended coverage, taken the initiative to get deeply involved in the construction of China-Laos Economic Corridor, relying on the advantages of its location in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Seizing the opportunity of going global, CR Wuhan promotes the construction of railways under its administration, and actively undertakes the construction of a stereo traffic network and a modern logistics system connecting the east and the west and linking the north and the south, creating a good development environment for Hubei to build the brand of CHINA RAILWAY Express Train and participate in the construction of the Belt and Road.


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